Nestlé All Purpose Cream #OUFT: Creamy Chicken and Peas Recipe

Dinnertime is the high point of my day because it’s the time when the whole family’s gathered, catching up with each other’s day and enjoying a good meal. Good food is essential because it uplifts the spirit and puts everyone in a happy mood. But putting dinner together isn’t the easiest thing to do. You need to put in the time and effort, slaving over a hot stove in the sweltering summer heat. And it isn’t enough to cook day-in-day-out. You have to make sure your dishes don’t get too many repeats, otherwise, your family might get taste fatigue from eating the same dishes every few days or so.

Creamy Chicken and  Peas

Easily one of my favorite ulams

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Food Intolerance Testing: Is Food your Friend, Foe, or Frenemy?

Most of the time, food is our friend. Nourishing, satisfying, and yummy. Except for food we’re allergic to. That’s when they turn into the enemy, causing evil reactions ranging from unsightly rashes, to possible death from anaphylactic shock. But what of instances when food turns into frenemies? That is, food that can cause us discomfort and other reactions without our knowing them?

14/365 Miruku

But how can milk be my enemy? It’s so cute!

Food intolerance is the body’s abnormal reaction to certain kinds of food. It can manifest itself in different ways, like headaches, bloating and diarrhea, chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety, skin problems, arthritis, weight control, and ADHD. Food intolerance manifests itself different among different people. Some don’t even manifest symptoms at all.
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Mang Inasal Palabok: SOS for Palabok Cravings

“Palabok,” I was told. “Mang Inasal has palabok now. Try it.” I was hesitant. Pancit Palabok is one of my two favorite pancit dishes (the other being Malabon) and I know from experience that pancit palabok from fastfood chains can be pretty hit-or-miss. And from a store like Mang Inasal that specializes in grilled things? I wasn’t too keen on the idea.


Mang Inasal’s Palabok: My idea of a great merienda

Still, I’m willing to give any dish a chance, so we headed off to Mang Inasal for a merienda of pancit palabok and pork barbecue. The pork barbecue was there to ensure happiness. In case the palabok failed to deliver, at least I had the pork barbecue to fall back on.
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