Cocohut Fried Chicken and Fish: It’s All About the Chicken

Now that my new romance is out (The Kitchen When It Sizzles on Amazon and Smashwords, shameless plugging, yo!), I can return to regular food blogging duties. Let me start by introducing you to this little chicken restaurant that has caught our fancy for late night spicy fried chicken: Cocohut Fried Chicken and Fish.

Cocohut Teamarind

Presenting the Teamarind – Cocohut’s Signature Iced Tea Drink

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My Great Food 15-Second Cooking Challenge

All summer, I’ve been avoiding baking because it’s too damn hot. Just the thought of slapping tray after tray of cookie dough into a hot oven is enough to give me heatstroke. Of course, this translates to a lot of unsatisfied cravings, not the least of which is for bacon chocolate chip cookies. A special cookie made from my own secret recipe, this delicious cookie is a mix of sweet and salty, chocolate and bacon. Then it occurred to me. What if I take one of those ubiquitous 3-minute mug cake recipes and bacon-ify it? Hallelujah, pigs have started to fly!


Bacon Chocolate Chip Deepdish Cookie A La Mode
Even Aki cannot resist.

Once the idea took root, I threw my original Great Food challenge idea out the window in favor of a freshly baked bacon chocolate chip deepdish cookie, served a la mode. Sounds divine? And what makes it even better is the fact that it takes less than 15 minutes to prepare, three if you have pre-cooked bacon. No need to toil over an oven in this boiling heat. It’s the no sweat summer solution to freshly baked cookie cravings. And with ice cream even!
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Kitchen Cow’s 8th Anniversary Giveaway

May holds a significant date for Kitchen Cow. On the third of May in 2006, my first blog post featuring a shoddily taken photo of rice, fish fillet and some veggies in a bento box went live. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking, informative, or thought-provoking. It was just a photo of rice and fish in a lunchbox. Little did I know that that first post would be the start of this 8-year old food blog.

Anniversary Bento Giveaway

Bento Giveaway

This relationship has had its high and low points. The highs were really high, while the lows were mostly me tearing my hair and questioning whether I should continue blogging. Well, the blog is still here. There may have been the occasional hiatus or two, but it’s still here. It’s a little bit late, but it’s still reason enough to celebrate, right? And yes, I equate blog celebrating with raffling off stuff, so… yay?
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