Best Food Forward 2015: A Quick Preview and Giveaway

For Pinoy food lovers, October signals food, food, and more food, thanks to Best Food Forward, the benefit food fair now running on its fifth year. The event will be held on October 10-11 from 10am to 8pm at Rockwell Tent.

What I love about Best Food Forward is how it feels like being invited into a family’s home then partaking of food from their own table. It’s fun talking to the vendors because a lot of them are the actual people behind the food. You get to hear the stories of how their offerings are actually discoveries from their own experiments, or family heirlooms from their dear old lolas.
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Alchemy Bistro Bar: Makati Lunchtime Find

Regret only comes in hindsight. It was proven again as we sat at Alchemy Bistro Bar waiting to be served. It was lunch on a weekend, hardly the right time to hit a bar, but the bistro serves lunch, we were assured, so we figured it was a good time to go. “Ely Buendia performed here last night. That’s why I wanted you to come in the evening,” said our host, Chef Tina Moscardon. As we looked at the empty stage from where we were sitting, we could easily see how up close and personal the gig was. Damn.

Alchemy Bistro Bar welcomed us with pizza. How warm can a welcome get?

But that said, we hid our sorrows away and tucked into our Quattro Formaggi pizza instead. Served fresh from their wood-fired brick oven, the luxurious cheeses (mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan, and tallegio) atop the thin crust was enough to raise our spirits.
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Oishi Great Lakes: Wholesome Juice Options for Baby Dinosaurs

My little dinosaur overlord is a picky eater. While she has a decent appetite, we have difficulty feeding her fruits and veggies. We resort to giving her raisins and dried fruits, as well as a lot of fruit and vegetable juices, in the hopes of upping her intake and getting her acclimated to the flavors.

Oishi Great Lakes Juice

It’s an ongoing struggle, so I am now familiar with most fruit and veggie juice brands available on the local supermarket shelves. I have even learned to go through ingredient labels carefully, making sure to avoid added sweeteners, artificial flavors, and colorings.
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