DIY Tofu Sisig

Sisig, that traditional Kapampangan dish of chopped pig cheeks and ears served on a sizzling plate, has been adapted into most any protein you can think of. I’ve heard of chicken and beef sisig, and have tasted bangus, squid, tuna, and the unforgettable lechon kawali sisig. But one version that is quickly becoming as popular as the original is a surprisingly vegetarian-friendly one: tofu sisig.

Sizzling Tofu Sisig

Best with rice, as pulutan, or scarfed as it is from the serving platter.

While a lot of local restaurants now include sizzling tofu sisig on their menus, it never occurred to me to try cooking it, mostly because it sounded difficult to cook. So when Kate from It’s All About the Meow shared how easy it was, I knew I had to try it.
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Ippudo PH: A First Look at the Newest Player in the Ramen Scene

Ramen is a religion. In Japan, and with the countless shops that have set up locally, here in the Philippines as well. The latest to join the fray, opening today, is Ippudo, one of Japan’s biggest ramen chains.

Ippudo PH

A first look at Ippudo PH

The buzz surrounding Ippudo’s opening in Manila has been the source of excitement. This almost 40-year old brand—it started with a ten-seater restaurant in 1985—is a global behemoth with branches in New York, Singapore, London, Australia, China, and South Korea among many others.
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Cocohut Fried Chicken and Fish: It’s All About the Chicken

Now that my new romance is out (The Kitchen When It Sizzles on Amazon and Smashwords, shameless plugging, yo!), I can return to regular food blogging duties. Let me start by introducing you to this little chicken restaurant that has caught our fancy for late night spicy fried chicken: Cocohut Fried Chicken and Fish.

Cocohut Teamarind

Presenting the Teamarind – Cocohut’s Signature Iced Tea Drink

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