Curry Udon Monogatari

Once upon a time, little Kaoko-chan was craving for her favorite instant curry udon so, she visited her usual Japanese grocery. She went through each aisle, looking for the familiar bag of vacuum-packed wet udon, and powdered curry soup base but there were none in sight. Panicking slightly, she asked the store staff whether they had it.

“Ah, we’re all out,” the clerk replied. “When will you have some again,” asked the downcast little girl. “I don’t know,” the clerk said, “we haven’t stocked it in quite a while.”

Even as the years passed, poor little Kaoko-chan never saw some ever again, despite numerous return visits, as well as visits to other Japanese / Korean / Asian grocery stores.

Until yesterday.

Today’s bento may be a rushed 15 minute affair, but with my favorite curry udon in it, it has me so excited. Bottom tier: Instant curry udon! Top tier, cheese cubes, Sunflower crackers (really yummy soda crackers that kinda taste like a less salty version of Cheez-Its), and a few rabbit apples (I used Fuji apples that’s why it’s not as red).

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