Eggs with ‘Tude

I’m such a stupid idiot. It was only after slaving over a cute bento did I realize that I left my digicam in my deskdrawer at work. (I usually take my pictures right after I finish making them at home.) So my apologies for the grainy, flat pic. My friend & bento cheerleader Chris helped me take pictures in our pantry instead, right before I ate my bento. While the lighting’s a tad flat, I think it’s still better than my cellphone pics so here they are instead!

Tonkatsu bento

The bottom tier has Japanese-style mushroom rice. It’s basically rice cooked in soy sauce, sake, and sugar, along with shiitake mushrooms, peas, and carrots.

The top tier has tonkatsu, skewered quail eggs with attitude, a small tub of tonkatsu sauce (bulldog brand!), a few carrot flowers, and a few siniguelas, small purple fruits with tart, yellow flesh.

Oh yeah, most everyone at work loved them, so here they are again, in memoriam:
Apathetic, Happy, & Sleepy!

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