Happy Eggs!

After buying my second set of onigiri molds, I figured it was high time to try them out, so today’s bento is onigiri-ful.

Top tier: usagi hardboiled egg, more siniguelas, carrot sticks, and an umeboshi stuffed onigiri.

Bottom tier: heart, panda, & star mini onigiri with tuna & kewpie mayo filling, resting on blanched Chinese snow peas. (A shout-out to my friend Cla, she’s the one who inspired me to turn the teddy bear into a panda.)

This bento has a mini-compartment under the cover, so I slipped in a couple of Andes Creme de Menthes.

This is the first time I used this particular bento so here’s a photo of all the compartments assembled. Too bad the shop doesn’t have the matching chopsticks & chopstick case, so I just grabbed a pair that goes with the general look of the bento.

I remember seeing this on JBox for $16 so you can just imagine my joy when I was able to buy this for about 300 PHP, that’s around $6. God bless the local outlets of these 100 yen stores.

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