The itsy bitsy spider went up the bento box

Can’t wait to eat today. It smelled so divine as I was cooking this morning, so yeah, it’s another one of those days when lunch is the high point.

Top tier: Rice with a cool little umeboshi spider. He insists he’s cool, hence the shades. Of course, if he knew where he’d end up after lunch, he probably won’t be worrying about appearances anymore, ne?

Bottom tier: Veggie mix (corn, carrots & peas, the kind you buy all mixed up in a bag, frozen), Peppered Fried Pork (nyum!), and Parsley Scrambled Eggs (with a dollop of sour cream thrown in). And as dipping sauce for my peppery pork, ichigo-shaped containers of soy sauce and red cane vinegar.

Dessert bento: Bunny on the loose! A rabbit apple snuggled against fuji apple slices, and lychee jelly cubes.

Peppered Fried Pork Bento

Rabbit Apple Bento

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