Mango Pudding Recipe

Some of the folks from Bentolunch requested for the recipe for the Mango Pudding, so I appended the recipe to the previous bento post. Posting separately here though.

Yes, last time I bothered tweaking the recipe was 2 years ago…it was also the last time before yesterday that I made some. Still not perfect though, but I need a bite of New World’s version again before I tweak.

1 cup (half-pint) mango ice cream
2 boxes clear unflavored Alsa gulaman*
3-4 pieces ripe carabao mangoes (or any ripe mangoes you can grab)
1 liter milk
1/3 c white sugar

1. Let ice cream soften until easily creamed. Stir in milk until smooth. Set aside.
2. Make 2 slices into the mango to get 2 fleshy cheeks and the pit. Using a melon stringer, strip the flesh from the mango pits.
3. Dice or scoop the mango cheek flesh. Set aside.
4. Mix the ice cream / milk mix with the mango pit strips.
5. Add sugar. Season as needed. (Add more sugar if you want :P)
6. Stir in the gelatin mix, making sure to dissolve well.
7. Bring to boil with constant stirring.
8. Remove from heat. Add diced mangoes into the heated mix.
9. Pour into custard cups or whatever molds you want to use.
10. Let set in the refrigerator. Serve with lots of cold, cold milk. (And I don’t mean to the pudding with a glass of milk. I mean to pour milk on the pudding, liberally.)

*For people who aren’t familiar with Alsa Gulaman, it’s a local gelatin brand. If you can’t get it, I suggest trying clear unflavored Jello. Using Knox would screw up the ratios. I never tried it with Jello either though, so just lessen the liquid according to your tastes, since Alsa has a tendency to be firmer than Jello.

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  1. Marie says:

    thanks for the recipe, where is the pics

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