Dried Fish in Olive Oil & Sauteed Eggplant Bento

Today’s bento is a jazzed up rendition of the typical Filipino breakfast meal.

Dried Fish in Olive Oil & Sauteed Eggplant Bento

Bento #22 • 21 June 2006

bottom tier:
Daing at Inihaw na Talong. Daing is salted sun-dried fish. In the Philippines, daing is usually sold as is, straight from being dried. We usually fry it lightly, before serving. The daing I used here is the ready-to-eat kind that’s flaked, then packed in olive oil before bottling.

Inihaw na Talong (Grilled Eggplant) is a side dish that’s usually served with fried fish. I once tasted a grilled eggplant dish that was really good, so here’s my first attempt to duplicate the said dish. I grilled one eggplant, skinned it, then cut it into thirds. Then, I sauteed an onion and a tomato in a little oil, then added the eggplant, an egg, and a little salt. Garnished with a sprig of flat leaf parsley.

Dried Fish in Olive Oil & Sauteed Eggplant Bento

top tier:
Rice! But it looked so sad and plain, so I garnished it with a tomato flower with an umeboshi center. I also added paisley-shaped fried wontons to create a sunburst effect. I doubt that the wontons will stay crispy, but I like how they looked.

guest star:
Today’s guest star is Scrubs, a little cow scrubber (he has a small scrub brush underneath). Like the rest of my cow herd, he was a bit jealous of the Curious Cow Bystander in Bento #013 (never got around to naming that particular cow) so he insisted on posing for this bento.

Dried Fish in Olive Oil & Sauteed Eggplant Bento

Scrubs’ appearance in this bento is dedicated to bittenbefore. Cow power!

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