Tagaytay Picnic Bento

Wanderlust struck us this week, as we made rushed plans to go on an out-of-town picnic. Despite deciding to go to Tagaytay (a hilly area south of Manila, famed for having a lovely view of Taal, the world’s smallest volcano) a day or two before the week ended, I wasn’t able to go food shopping because of the busy work week. Just had time to grab a few bags of chips and some soda.

So when Saturday morning struck, I was in a quandry. Aside from onigiri, what can I cook? So with limited pantry supplies, I went forth and made…the Tagaytay Picnic Bento.

Tagaytay Picnic Bento

Bento #25 • 24 June 2006

black bento:
Octopus-shaped hotdogs, Cheese & Bacon tortilla rolls, and hardboiled quail eggs.

square usagi bento:
Rabbit apples sitting atop plain cut apples. The rabbits are K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Heehee.

large lock & lock box:
6 california onigiri, without the pretty garnish from last time. And a pair of ichigo-shaped containers with soy sauce.

This was a bento for four, but it wasn’t the only food we had, because one of my friends also bought rice, tapa (a seasoned beef dish), and an omelette.

For the curious non-Filipinos, here’s the view from our picnic spot.

Taal Volcano

Trivia: the Tagaytay ridge in itself is a volcano. There’s a lake in it, called the Volcano lake, which in turn, houses the little volcano seen in the picture. That’s why it’s called a volcano within a volcano. Quite lovely, don’t you agree?

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4 Responses to Tagaytay Picnic Bento

  1. grace says:

    hi, just discovered your site. i love japanese food too but i;m not a fancy cook so i reserved that for my hubby. but i want to start bento lunches for my two kids. we were originally from philippines also. miss philippines. love your cooking recipes


    • kaoko says:

      Thanks Grace! I’m glad you’re enjoying the site. I believe more in cooking food you like to eat rather than fancy cooking. Sometimes, simpler is better—like tossing some tomatoes, tuyo and pasta in olive oil. Simple but sheer happiness for me. I hope you find the site useful!

  2. Kaits says:

    That looks simply scrumcious!

    I have a question though. I bought some of those frozen peach bottled things and had no clue how to eat it. I sat there sucking on the thing for an hour and still hadn’t finished it. My brother got much amusement out of the way I was eating it. How on earth are you supposed to enjoy them yourself?

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