Tsukune Makeover

What was yesterday’s tsukune can be today’s teriyaki chicken burgers! I didn’t cook all the chicken meat of yesterday’s tsukune, so today, I had some raw mixture to work with. Instead of cooking them as tsukune again, I formed them into mini-burger patties (flatter and larger than the tsukune) to make them more suitable for sticking inside hamburger buns. I’m quite happy with how it turned out, now I just can’t wait for lunch. 😀

Tsukune Burger Bento

Bento #27 • 28 June 2006

top tier: Freshly grated parmesan (in a little plastic bag), torn romaine hearts, garlicky croutons, and caesar salad dressing in the pink plastic container.

bottom tier: Baby Chicken Teriyaki Burgers (mini chicken teriyaki burger patties and iceberg lettuce in mini-hamburger buns), carrot sticks, and extra teriyaki glaze in the yasai squeeze bottle.

dessert mini-bento: Kiwi slices. I know it looks weird. Don’t ask.

And here’s a baby bento I prepared for one of my friends. Since it’s a baby burger, I figured it would be cute to put it in a baby bento.

Tsukune Burger Bento

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