Guess the Bento Game!

Everyone’s been churning out lovely bentos this week, that I can’t help but be inspired, at the same time, challenged. Had reservations about making a cow-themed bento though, lest I end up being unable to eat lunch (remembers Annette). So instead, I present this:

Starry Night Bento

Bento #28 • 30 June 2006

Points to those who recognize what this is supposed to be 😀 Answer is in the pic under the cut.

Starry Night Bento

I was going to call it the Van Bento, but it was too corny, haha! So instead, I present my Starry Night Bento.

orange miffy plastic bento: Fried wontons with sweet and sour sauce.

clear box: Rice! With a purple furikake night sky, a nori tower (is it a tower? I could never tell from the original painting), an egg moon, egg bit stars, shredded surimi kani clouds / wind, and carrot & pea village houses.

add-ons: A couple of green tea filled marshmallows. I threw in a kiwi in my kinchaku at the last minute for dessert.

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