From the sidewalk merchandise to pretty plate element

It’s amazing how something as lowly as two vegetables you can buy off the sidewalk can turn a lowly dried fish meal into something that looks quite elegant (albeit minimalist), yet tastes wonderfully comforting. Take for instance this plate of daing, tomato and daikon salad, and rice.

Dried Fish & Tomato Daikon Salad Meal

Since I didn’t want to eat the Sinigang na Hipon1 which we reheated from lunch (shrimp does bad things to my system, so I had to be content with pigging out during lunch), I opted for bottled daing in olive oil that was sitting in the fridge.

For me, fried fish is always good with fresh tomatoes, so I decided to dice a few up. Rooting through the fridge however, yielded half a daikon from a few days ago. Remembering the tomato and daikon salad one of my aunts prepared for me awhile back, I decided to try some myself.

Tomato & Daikon Salad

Trying to recall how she did it, I diced two tomatoes, then peeled about 3 inches of daikon. I then proceeded to shave them into slivers, then rubbed them with rock salt—to get the bitterness out—until they went limp. Afterwards, I washed the salt out and tossed them with the tomatoes. It turned out just as I remembered. Perfect for the fish!

Chowing down happily, I relished every bite of the juicy tomatoes which provided a refreshing flavor against the salty fish. Despite dinner being a rushed affair, I was quite happy, showing that you don’t need exotic ingredients nor preparations to come up with a satisfying meal.

1Sinigang na Hipon – Shrimp stewed in a sour broth. Similar to the Thai Tom Yang Goong.

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