Chicken Inasal Bento

Was pre-cooking some experimental fried chicken wings last night, when I chanced upon a recipe for Chicken Inasal, a grilled chicken dish famous in the Central Philippines. Seeing the opportunity to try it out, I put aside a few pieces of the chicken wings for the fried chicken so I could try cooking Chicken Inasal for today’s bento.

Chicken Inasal Bento

Bento #33 • 13 July 2006

top tier:
Rice and Chicken Inasal. Chicken Inasal is a Visayan (Central Philippines) specialty. It’s basically grilled chicken that has been marinated in a vinegar and garlic-based marinade. It’s usually served with a palm vinegar-garlic-chili dipping sauce called sinamak. We don’t have it at home, so instead, I have a red cane vinegar and soy sauce dipping sauce (in the little yasai plastic squeeze bottle).

Chicken Inasal

bottom tier:
Sliced mangoes, cherry tomatoes, and dragonfruit.


Chicken Inasal v. 13 July 2006
your preferred chicken cut (I used wings)

a few pieces of calamansi (you can substitute this with a lemon or lime)
rock salt
a splash of soy sauce
crushed black pepper

Mix the marinade ingredients, then soak chicken overnight. Grill until cooked, basting occasionally. Serve with a vinegar-garlic-chili dip.

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