Healthy Bento *drops dead*

Yes. My current project at work has finally brainwashed me into submission and pushed me into packing a healthy meal. Now that I’m actually at work, my brain is functioning and I don’t know why the hell I have a healthy bento. Woe is me, I need my daily helping of evil transfats and cholesterol. Here’s hoping it’s tasty despite the absence of ebil nyummy ingredients.

Steamed Fish Bento

Bento #34 • 18 July 2006

Top Tier:
Rice (with orange zest) and Ampalaya con Carne. Ampalaya con Carne is bitter melon sautéed with beef. This one was dinner leftovers from a restaurant so I don’t know what’s in it. Perhaps it can cover my daily unhealthy food requirement? All hope lies with you, Ampalaya Con Carne!

Ampalaya Con Carne

Bottom Tier:
Steamed Fish (aaaack!) with a Soy-Citrus sauce. I haven’t tasted it yet and it was the first time I tried the recipe. Let’s hope I surpass this healthiness and live to tell the tale. The fish is garnished with orange slices and flat-leaf parsley. The pink flower thing was labelled Fancy Fishballs at the local super. It’s probably something like kamaboko to the international community, but to locals, it’s fishballs! That are pink! And floral! Yay! It probably has unnamed fish meat and preservatives. Not to mention artificial food coloring for the pink stuff. Yay for preservatives! But…oh no! A couple of organic cherry tomatoes to balance out the unhealthiness! Noooooo!

Steamed Fish

Add-on box:
Orange wedges. Eeeeek! *drops dead*

Disclaimer: Yes. Blame it on work, I’m cracking up. Hopefully, I’ll be lucid tomorrow.

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  1. As a fitness enthusiast, I find it hard to look for healthy alternatives in this country of everything porky, deep fried and fatty! I often find myself prepping my own food. This is an awesome alternative to my boring omelettes and grilled meat!

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