Gyudon Bento

I woke up to cold, bed weather. It’s the kind of weather when you want to call in sick and just stay in bed. Which sadly, I can’t do. So, to make me feel better, I went for comfort food. *whips out poke-ball* RAW BEEF, I CHOOSE YOU!

Gyudon Bento

Bento #35 • 19 July 2006

Using a recipe I got from a friend, who in turn got it from an authentic Japanese cookbook (authentic compared to westernized Japanese cookbooks—this one had…gasp! Hiragana!), I decided to make Gyudon. The recipe looked encouraging, it said that average cooking time was 12 minutes. It took a bit longer than that (maybe 30 minutes?) but it wasn’t so bad.

Top Tier:
Freshly cooked rice.

Bottom Tier:
Gyudon. (Mmmmm…)

Gyudon Bento

Usagi Lacquer box:
SNACK BOX! Almond-Lychee jelly, Strawberry Marshmallow Blast, Jumbo M&Ms, Green Tea-filled Marshmallows, and a raw egg (for the Gyudon, not for snacking *shudders*).

When lunchtime came, I nuked the rice and the gyudon in the microwave. Then I dumped the gyudon (quite difficult cause I brought more than what could comfortably fit) over the rice when topped it with a raw egg yolk. NYUM!

Now I’m pleasantly full. It’s still cold, so now I want to lay down and hibernate. Only I can’t because I have to work. *sigh*

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