Bistek Tagalog Bento

Reprising the Bistek Tagalog Bento I packed ages ago. This time though, I held back on the nori cow sprinkles and garnished my rice with a cherry tomato and mint leaves instead. It was an excellent, filling lunch. I only wish I packed a bigger serving.

Bistek Tagalog Bento

Bento #36 • 20 July 2006

Top tier:
Red onion rings, bistek (beef steaks simmered in soy sauce and calamansi), and flower-shaped fried potatoes.

Bottom tier:
Rice with half a cherry tomato (supposed to be a flower but my plastic garnish knife made a mess of it) and mint leaves. I love munching on mint leaves after my meals. So…minty fresh!

Green tea-filled marshmallows.

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