Mini-Torta Bento

It’s easy to tell when I’m having a very busy day at work. It’s when my bento post comes in the afternoon. Or in this case, way way in the evening (it’s midnight, Manila time). There’s a storm hovering over the area right now, hence the dark picture quality, despite my taking it outdoors. Not much I can do about it, I guess. Either way, I had a yummy time eating it, so not all was lost.

Mini Torta Bento

Bento #37 • 24 July 2006

Bottom tier: Today’s lunch was Torta. Probably inspired by the Spanish who occupied the Philippines for more than 300 years, this dish bears similarity to an omelette. My mom cooked some eggplant torta yesterday; that’s roasted and peeled eggplant, that’s piled high with sauteed pork and potatoes, then drizzled with egg, then fried. Since we ran out of eggplant, I had to make do with plain tortas today. I can’t do it quite the way my mom does it, so it ended up looking more like an omelette. Probably used too much egg. I think it’s more bento friendly in its mini-size though. My mom’s torta is plate-sized. Oh yeah, that’s rice on the left, and a sprig of mint to garnish.

Top Tier:
Happy treat tier! Dried mangoes, Milk Chocolate Milano cookies (thanks to my Aunt in SF!), and cute-cut dragonfruit! I love how it’s so fun to cut into fun shapes because of its texture.


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