Sauteed Chayote and Lumpiang Shanghai Bento

I never liked Sayote (Sayote to the Philippines, Chayote to the world) when I was a kid. That’s why I was quite surprised when I found myself packing the left-over Sauteed Sayote my mom cooked for my bento today. Or maybe I was just feeling lazy, hehe.

Sayote Bento

Bento #40 • 28 July 2006

Top Tier:
Rice with the Octopuppy Trio! (Tiny octodogs = octopuppies XP) I fried the octopuppies in with the lumpia. Wrong move since it got deep fried, making it look like a dried up hotdog. Not that I totally mind though, while it’s not as pretty as it could have been, I always like the crispier texture of deep fried hotdogs.

Bottom Tier:
Sauteed Chayote and Ground Pork, Lumpiang Shanghai, and containers of mustard (for the octopuppies!) and sweet chili sauce for the lumpia.

Dessert Box:
Mango cubes, lychee jelly cubes, Dewberry Strawberry cookies, and Banana Chips.


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