A Very Bento Spin on a Filipino Classic

As definitive of Filipino food as adobo, Tapsilog is a comforting meal that has as many incarnations as there are people cooking it. Tapsilog, which actually means TApa (a cured fried beef dish that bears similarities to beef jerky) + SInangag (fried rice) + itLOG (egg), is such a beloved meal that there are restaurants devoted to serving it exclusively.

I was planning to go Tapsilog for this bento, but sadly, it appears there was no left-over rice from dinner (bahaw or left-over rice is best for making sinangag) so I had to make do with freshly cooked rice. I don’t think it’ll detract much from the meal though, and I know I’m definitely looking forward to lunch later.

Tapa Bento

Bento #49 •14 August 2006

Top tier:
Diced tomatoes, tapa sliced into bite-sizes, Almond chocolate candy by Meiji (I’m not sure exactly what kind, I can’t read Japanese :P), and a Green tea-filled marshmallow. The brown candy was dark-chocolate almond candy with all sorts of crunchy bits surrounding the almond.

Bottom tier:
Rice with a Happy Heart-shaped Egg (Look, it’s so happy! I don’t think it realizes that the end is near, hehe.) and crabby hotdogs.

And to wash it down, a can of Del Monte Pina Colada Juice. Still have loads from that food expo, expect to see more of it in the bentos to come 😛

Tapa Bento

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