Pangrilled Mahi-mahi Bento

My 50th! Time flies by so fast. I wanted something cute and special but I ended up with something quite normal. I mean, no cute characters / figures / faces. Oh well, what it doesn’t have in prettiness, it makes up for it in taste, because honestly, this was one super delicious bento. 😀

Mahi Mahi Bento

Bento #50 • 15 August 2006

Top Tier:
Dewberry Cookies, calamansi (Philippine Lemon) halves for the salmon, carrot flowers, smoked salmon stuffed with Kesong Puti (literally translates to White Cheese, a local variety of cheese). Oh yeah, and how can I forget..BENTOTURF! (© astillac)

Pangrilled Mahi-mahi

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Rolls

Bottom Tier:
Pangrilled Mahi-mahi slathered with a tomato, egg roe and basil topping (recipe here) and mashed potatoes. Garnishes are fresh basil leaves, a stalk of green onion, and a cherry tomato.

A couple of Green Tea-filled marshmallows (for tucking under the bento utensil compartment) and a bottle of Aloe Vera juice.

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