Fishie pockets

So what do you do to a Mahi-mahi fillet when you’re stumped? Le Cordon Bleu Complete Cooking Techniques to the rescue! It wasn’t exactly a recipe, but the ideas from the
book were good enough to get me started.

Mahi Mahi Bento

Bento #51 • 16 August 2006

Clockwise, from top left:
Almond Lychee Jelly cubes, Steamed rice with veggie furikake, Seaweed flavored cracker nuts, and Stuffed Mahi-mahi on a bed of stir-fried carrot flowers, konnyaku, and spring onions in oyster sauce (quite a mouthful description huh?).

Stuffed Mahi-mahi

The mahi-mahi is stuffed with julienned carrots dressed with a vinaigrette, as suggested by said cookbook. Then, I tied it up with a stalk of spring onion (and don’t forget the carrot-flower-button :P), then poached in dashi. The book suggested poaching in a cort bouillon something but honestly, who wants to cook something that intricate at 6 in the morning? ^_^;;

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