Onigiri Reversi

Onigiri stuffed with smoked salmon & kesong puti = ♥ ♥ ♥

Reversi Onigiri Bento

Bento #52 • 17 August 2007

Top tier:
Mini Prawn spring rolls (from a Chinese deli), Dewberry cookies, Ampao / Poprice, Wasabi peas, and Green Tea-filled Marshmallows.

Bento Treats

I’ve never tried making Ampao, but I was told that to make it, you need to dry cooked rice under the sun. When it was totally dry, they’d fry it. I don’t know when the sugar comes in though. Ampao is sweet, light, and crunchy.

Bottom tier:
Onigiri stuffed with smoked salmon & kesong puti + strawberry-shaped container of soy sauce.

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