Seeing Red

Only when I was moving today’s bento pics to my photo template did I realize…it looked so red! Darn, I should’ve included a couple of cows to masquerade as bulls, hwehwehwe. I wasn’t planning to bento today; I was thinking of just grabbing lunch elesewhere. But waking up early with a craving for onigiri had me scrounging for things that I could pack. Thank goodness the freezer was relatively well-stocked.

red bento

Bento #53 • 18 August 2006

top tier:
Star-shaped mini onigiri with kani filling. Was planning to add nori to the sides to make it easier to pick up but it kept losing its shape when I did. At least I had rejects to snack on. 😛 I was also planning to add happy faces, but rather than miss my ride to work, I had to settle for plain ones.

bottom tier:
Green apple slices, soy sauce for onigiri and siomai in strawberry-shaped sauce bottles, calamansi for siomai, tuna siomai, penguin-dogs, and kani sticks.

penguin dogs

Happy penguins! Or at least, I think they’re penguins. Either way, they’re definitely happy, oblivious to how long they’ll get to live.

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