Fishie Fish!

The long weekend has turned my brain into an oblivious mush, making me forget all about the lunch treat sponsored by two of my birthday celebrating colleagues. So I now I have a lunch bento which I didn’t eat. -_-;; But since I don’t want to waste food, I’ll probably eat it for my mid-afternoon snack.

Daing Bento

Bento #54 • 22 August 2006

Yep, this is the second appearance of Bottled Daing (dried fish) in Olive oil in my bento. This time, I paired it off with Tomato and cucumber slices. The chocolate like things are chocolate coated almonds from Meiji. And the little strawberry soy sauce container holds a sweetened vinaigrette for the cucumber.

Oh, and finally tried the reversed cut-outs everybody else seems to be doing. Yay, it is cute!

In the separate box is an onigiri stuffed with a bit of the dried fish. Since I love nori, I made it up like a pouch so I’ll have extra nori on top to munch on, heehee. “Sealed off the bag” with a spring onion ribbon. I thought of it at the last minute; if I had planned it in advance, I would’ve made a carrot button, hehe.

Finally, kiwi-broccoli juice! Yeah yeah, sounds weird but it’s good. It’s more fruity-kiwi than broccoli, that’s why. 😛

Daing Bento

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