Tapa to the Rescue!

For some reason, our clients at work seem to have conspired and deemed Friday as official deadline day. We’re loaded with a gajillion projects so the time I usually spend for planning my bentos (the ride home) is now being spent on playing around with ideas for work. In fact, I was planning to just buy food today, since I wasn’t able to move anything to the fridge for defrosting last night. When I opened the fridge though, I saw a tupperware of tapa already defrosted so I was able to whip up a quick bento.

Tapa Bento

Bento #54 • 24 August 2006

Top Tier:
Rice with happy-faced Fancy Fishballs! (Yes. The Fancy Fishballs! has made a bento comeback.) I wanted to make san-x style faces, but there wasn’t much space to do so :(

Bottom Tier:
Tapa, Scrambled Eggs with flat-leaf parsley and kesong puti (white cheese), and sliced tomatoes.

Tapa Bento

Happy-faced onigiri stuffed with itty-bitty tapa bits and a pack of almond jelly. I wrapped the onigiri in cling wrap so I could just throw it into my kinchaku. The almond jelly is the same almond jelly that I usually cut into cubes, but since I didn’t have space in my box today, I’m packing it separately in its original container.

When I have a rice-based meal and an onigiri packed separately, the onigiri is usually meant as a snack and not part of the lunch. So it doesn’t mean I’m eating more rice than the usual during lunch. Actually, I usually end up munching on the onigiri during the drive to work, since I don’t really have time to stop and eat breakfast at home.

Mommy Mini-Bento:
My mom smelled the frying tapa, so she asked me to cook some for her too. But since I already cooked just enough rice, she decided to bring it along to work instead, planning to buy ready-cooked rice there.

Tapa Bento

This mini-bento is just Tapa & Sliced tomatoes with a little bit of my scrambled eggs to fill the gap in the tomato section. Plus basil leaves to garnish, all in my widdle Miffy bento box.

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