This little kitty…

This little kitty went to market, this little kitty stayed home, this little kitty had roast beef, this little kitty had none…

This little kitty followed me to work!

Hello Kitty Bento

Bento #58 • 30 August 2006

Was so happy yesterday when my Hello Kitty lunch box arrived. To my shock though, it was…tiny!!! I had a hard time packing this one because although the lower tier was quite deep, it was a bit small width x length -wise so I’d have to stack my food if I want to get an extensive array in. When I first saw the box on ebay, I thought I could use the yellow tier for my rice and meat, and the lower tier for the snacks and other what not. Lesson learned, ask the seller for actual measurements of the item. Ah, but then, honestly, I probably would’ve bought it even if I knew it were that small for the sheer cuteness factor =^_^=;;

Hello Kitty Bento

Clockwise from top:
• Filipino-style spaghetti (Sweet! And comes with Hotdogs! The red kind!) with parmesan cheese (a tiny attempt to be Italian)
• Strawberry Mallow Blast
• Almond Jelly
• Spicy chicken popcorn (With a sprig of basil. Bad idea, it gave the chicken popcorn delusions of grandeur. I swear I heard them whispering with french accents -_-;;)
• Garlic bread (Baguette dabbed with homemade garlic butter. Nyum!)

Not very cute I know, but the bento more than makes up for it. Imagine me, walking around the business district with an uber-cute Hello Kitty lunchbox in tow. Priceless, especially when walking beside yuppie business-types. All I can say is that thank god I’m in advertising; I don’t think I’d have the nerve to carry this bento if I were in a three-piece suit and heels.

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