Let sleeping eggs lie.

Had fun making yesterday’s bento. Was quite proud and thought it was cute. Until my mom told me it was creepy. -_-;; Which was reiterated when I got to work when one of my work colleagues said, “Why do you have a voodoo doll in your lunch?” *sobs sobs*

And here I was thinking the sleeping quail egg was cute, only to find out she was creepy / freaky / scary.

Yakitori Bento

Bento #60 • 5 September 2006

Top Tier:
Quail eggs in Yakitori sauce, yakitori (removed from the bamboo skewers and transferred to cute animal skewers after they were cooked – Recipe here. ) and carrot stick bundles.

Bottom Tier:
Voodoo quail egg (*sob sob sob*) sleeping on a rice bed with a yakitori pillow and tucked under a nori / veggie furikake blankie.

Green tea marshmallows, yakitori stuffed onigiri (for breakfast on the go :D) and an almond jelly mold.

Today’s Lunch
My bento is…

Fake Bento Lunch

NOT A BENTO, hwehwehwe. Sorry, corny joke. Today’s lunch just screams, “I stayed up all night reading manga and couldn’t get out of bed this morning.” I feel so forlorn ^_^;;

Tune in again tomorrow, when I’m more lucid. 😛

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