Taco Salad & Korean BBQ Chicken Wraps

One of the nice things about bento blogging is forcing yourself to think of creative ways to present / cook / dress leftovers. Since I called in sick yesterday, I didn’t prepare a bento so the Wednesday night leftovers (Korean BBQ-style Chicken) I saved for my Thursday bento had to sit in the fridge for another day. It sort of dried up, so I figured packing it as is was a bad idea. Enter my stash of frozen tortilla and a couple of iceberg lettuce leaves. Leftovers problem solved!

Taco Salad & Korean Barbecue Chicken Wraps Bento

Bento #61 • 8 September 2006

Top tier:
Taco Salad fixings – Diced tomatoes, ground beef, a mini-tub of sour cream, grated cheese, chopped onions, and torn iceberg lettuce.

Bottom tier:
Peach slices in light syrup, with a sprig of mint, Korean BBQ Chicken Wraps, and Seaweed-flavored cracker nuts.

I bought the Korean BBQ Chicken pre-marinated from the super’s chicken counter. I cut them into bite-sized chunks, then pan-grilled. After they browned nicely, I poured in the left-over marinade, then threw in some bean sprouts. Excellent, specially when served atop a bowl of freshly cooked rice.

Then for my wraps, I microwaved the frozen tortilla for a few seconds, then layered a lettuce leaf with the Korean BBQ Chicken. Leftover food, revived!

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