Curry Udon & Longganisa

Now I know why I have difficulty finishing one pack of instant curry udon. Because it’s a lot! For today’s bento, I have half a pack of curry udon (I cooked half last night, and the other half this morning), and the top tier is more than filled.

Curry Udon & Longganisa

Bento #62 • 11 September 2006

Top tier:
Instant curry udon, the kind prepared from vacuum-packed wet udon and powdered soup base. That’s half a pack mixed in with a few tablespoons of frozen mixed veggies.

Bottom tier:
Dragonfly longganisa, from tiredofme‘s sausage cutting guide, sliced quail eggs, more of the longganisa cut into circles, okra, asparagus tips, and a strawberry container of vinegar for the longganisa.

A plastic container of chinese gulaman drink.

Longganisa is a local sausage usually made of coarsely ground pork. Unlike sausages that have finer textures, the longganisa’s texture is similar to scheubligs, with the occasional chunks of meat and fat. While there are various versions of longganisa that differ from region to region, the most popular is the red colored slightly sweet version that’s served with a dipping sauce of vinegar.

This version has a finer texture than most longganisa; the texture is similar to hungarian sausages, but it still has that slightly sweet taste.

Gulaman as this drink is referred to locally, is actually a refreshingly sweet drink made from a brown sugar simple syrup. Brown sugar is used to make a simple syrup called arnibal. Then, it’s mixed with cold water and a few drops of banana extract. It’s served with sago (tapioca), gulaman (agar jelly), or grass jelly (chinese gulaman), the kind that comes in cans. No, it’s not too sweet, because you can always water it down to suit your taste.

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