Dotty over Kuroke

I never knew that a simple plastic box can wield such a controlling grasp on me. This morning, despite the extreme sleepiness and lethargy, I forced myself to get up and cook, simply because I had a new bento box. ^_^;;

Korokke Bento

Bento #68 • 27 September 2006

Top tier:
• Hot & Spicy Jellyfish
• Pineapple tidbits in light syrup
• Sour Cream
• Carrot Sticks

Bottom tier:
• Curry Croquette
• Carrot flower cut-outs
• Umeboshi
• Bunny Egg

No coherent theme today, just something I put together without much planning involved. Actually, no planning was involved, hence the weird combination of food.

The jellyfish is an instant, just mix in the flavorings affair, and is as good as the jellyfish in the dimsum platters in Chinese restaurants. Plump and chewy, the jellyfish was packed in plastic pouches filled with water, along with 4 little packets of flavoring. I bought it from a friend whose family imports it from China, but I’m sure it’s available in Chinatown or Asian stores.

The Curry Croquette / Korokke was bought ready-to-fry from Hatchin. It wasn’t too curry-tastic, but it was nice and smushy inside while crispy on the outside. It even managed to survive my bento box without being soggy!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I know a couple of people in the comm already have this box, but I can’t help but be filled with glee over it because it’s the first time I saw it locally. And I absolutely love the mini-three tier. That’s something I don’t have yet, and while the 2-tier is practically the same size as my Usagi Urara, I just kept telling myself I don’t have a blue-colored bento yet. Such is the reasoning that goes on inside a bentoholic’s mind. I refuse to count my bento boxes though; I guess a part of me is still in denial.

Polka Dot Boxes

Oh yeah, another shout-out to Manila-based bento boxers, these boxes, a version of the same in pink, and an i.kotoba / valentino style single tier box in pink and blue smiley are currently available in Daiso for 88 PHP. I think it’s safe to assume that it’s available in Japan Home Center too. Matching kinchakus and hard plastic hand towel holders for the smiley boxes are also available there. Too bad there weren’t any bento belts though.

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