Mc Rice-WHAT???

The Philippines is truly a predominantly rice-eating nation. A meal isn’t a meal without rice. Just look at Mc Donald’s. To adjust to our rice-eating palates, they introduced rice meals like the Fried Chicken Mc Do which features fried chicken and rice.

This time though, they took a step towards the unconventional and introduced the:

McRice Burger

The Mc Donald’s Rice Burger!

Giving you a choice between a burger patty or a fried chicken fillet, the Rice Burger sandwiches the meat and veggies between two rice cakes doused in sauce.

McRice Burger

Packed in a cardboard box that instructs you to “open here,” the Rice burger is interesting. I love onigiri (Japanese rice balls) so I figured I’d give it a shot. My mom and I ordered one each, both chicken.

Our verdict?
I found it okay. Nothing astounding, it was like onigiri. With meat in between instead of stuffed inside. My mom, on the other hand, didn’t like it. “Para akong kumain ng suman!” (It’s like I ate sticky rice pudding!) XP

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8 Responses to Mc Rice-WHAT???

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  3. ryan says:

    i’ve tried it once and it was like eating tutong. if i want to eat tutong, i’ll just get some from my rice cooker =)but i have to admit, the idea was genius.

    • kaoko says:

      What I really want to try are burgers from MOS burger, a Japanese chain that specializes in Onigiri Burgers. Cause that’s what this basically is.

      Which reminds me, I’ve yet to try the onigiri burgers from Sango…hnnn…

  4. ryan says:

    well you have the perfect opportunity to try them on friday’s pinky meet up =)

  5. ryan says:

    sorry for the late reply. i just read ita few minutes ago. i would have loved to go, but i was preparing for a weekend trip last friday. but i do hope to join you guys next time =) so, were you able to try the onigiri burger? =)

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