Our house is finally back in order. Still not much food in the fridge, but at least, I’m assured of having a place to store leftover canned food. Of course, I’m not one to let a limited selection stop me for packing my bento. So today, I made use of what I bet is a pantry staple in everyone’s home: CANNED TUNAFISH!

Fishie Onigiri

Bento #71 • 5 October 2006

Clockwise from top left:
• Carrot sticks, quail eggs, and umeboshi
• Tuna & potato salad (canned tuna + boiled potatoes + kewpie mayo) with a carrot “starfish”
• Fishiegiri! (A fish-shaped onigiri filled with tuna and kewpie mayo), a littler fish of soysauce, and a couple more carrot starfish (or so I say they’re starfish)

Fit ‘n Right Pineapple Juice, a new juice drink that promises to help the consumer slim down by virtue of its L-Carnitine & B-Vitamins. I got a sample can for free. 😀 I absolutely ♥ freebies.

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