Now I see, it’s someone eggses story…

Mention Filipino food to any non-Pinoy and you’re sure to get the response, “Oh, Adobo!” The definitive Filipino dish, adobo is a way of stewing food in garlic, vinegar, and soy sauce. While the most popular adobo dishes are chicken and pork, there is no end to what you can cook as adobo. There’s adobong mushrooms, adobong kangkong (swamp cabbage), adobong itlog (egg), even adobong balut (fertilized duck eggs, with the duckling partially formed already.)

Like any Pinoy, I eat adobo. However, I eat it just because it’s served, not because I crave for it in particular. If I have other options, I skip adobo all together and pig out on other food instead. Still, there’s an exception to most generalizations, and for mine, it’s with Crispy Adobo Flakes. Called binudbod in the Visayas region, Crispy Adobo Flakes involves draining the adobo of sauce, shredding or flaking it, then deep frying to a crisp. Crispy, meaty, with the tang of vinegar, this is one dish I can truly never get enough of. I usually drizzle vinegar on it, but since I made the adobo extra vinegary in the first place, I don’t think it needs an extra helping.

Adobo Flakes Bento

Bento #74 • 10 October 2006

Top Tier:
A quail egg baby bird and quail egg…uhm…cracked egg (the new baby bird is peeking) resting on a nest of Crispy Adobo Flakes.

Adobo Flakes Bento

Middle Tier:
Fried rice with a sad fried quail egg. Poor little egg, he’s suffering from the Humpy Dumpy complex.

Bottom Tier:
Fresh tomatoes and kiwi fruit.

Bento Lid:
Green tea-filled Marshmallows

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