15-minute bento!

Made a bento in record time! Woke up really late this morning. Well, I had time to take a bath and get ready for work, but felt like I didn’t have time to prep a bento. Remembering that I don’t have money to buy lunch though, convinced me otherwise. ^_^;;

Record time 15-minute bento, mostly from scratch. Fast enough!

Lemon Pasta Bento

Bento #76 • 17 October 2006

Left box:
• Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream Chips

Right box, clockwise from top:
• Oishi brand Bread Pan, mini toast circles flavored with cheese & chives. So good, I swear.
• Peppered Fried Chicken Fillet
• Lemon Fusilli, based on littleyuzu’s recipe. I’ve been wanting to try that recipe for quite a while. Today, I finally got to do so. ‘Course, I altered it a bit to bento proportions, but I hope it turned out okay. The bite I took this morning tasted yummy.

Lemon Pasta

Not bad for a 15-minute affair, if I do say so myself.

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