Today’s a brown day!

Another J-grocery shopping visit yesterday evening yielded kuroke, new chopsticks, fixings for inarizushi, and a few Japanese cooking pantry staples. I wanted to do inarizushi this morning, but the weather’s much colder now that it’s nearing Christmas–yes, we Filipinos feel that Christmas is near as soon as the -Ber months arrive– and bed is such a lovely place to be.

Not much of a theme today, just a muted color palette of browns. It was supposed to be livelier, with a mix of yellows (mashed potatoes) and greens (peas) but I just found out this morning that we’re out of butter! Freshly purchased koroke aka cream croquettes to the rescue.

Koroke Bento

Bento #76 • 17 october 2006

Top Tier:
• Cream Koroke, bought ready-to-fry from a J-grocery. I tasted one this morning. It was so good; I like it better than their Curry Koroke.
• Chicken Fingers made from scratch.

Bottom Tier:
• Leche Flan, a Filipino egg and milk custard similar to Creme Brulee.
• Carrot sticks
• Mini-chocolate chip cookies
• Dewberry Strawberry cookies

• Honey Mustard sauce (in the Hello Kitty container)
• Green Tea-filled Marshmallows

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