Let sleeping eggs lie…

Been wanting to do something similar since I first visited e-obento. Now I finally get my chance. And before you guys say anything, yes, I was able to eat them, sleepy little faces notwithstanding. 😛

Inarizushi Bento

Bento #77 • 19 October 2006

Top Tier:
• Octodogs
• Hot & Spicy Jellyfish
• Kani Surimi
• A strawberry container of soy

Bottom Tier:
• Quail egg babies in their inarizushi cribs with a blanket of ebiko, as inspired by e-obento

Made the mistake of stuffing too much sushi rice in the aburaage pockets; had a hard time picking them up with my chopsticks. In the end, I had to eat them with my fingers. Lesson learned: Just because it’s fun stuffing aburaage, doesn’t mean you should get carried away. ^_^;;

Ebiko is shrimp roe. Yes, it’s that explosive orange coating around California maki.

Recipe and more inarizushi info, check this previous inarizushi bento.

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