Happy Tappy Day!

Some things just keep showing up again and again in our freezer ^_^;; Like tapa. Good thing I love it, so I don’t really mind.

Tapa Bento

Bento #78 • 25 october 2006

• Rice with a flower-shaped fried egg. I bought a small flower-shaped egg pan for around a dollar fifty a few days ago and this seemed like a good time to try it out. Sadly, I wasn’t too happy with how it turned out. Since I can’t flip it or splash oil on top, I had to cook the yolk through, instead of letting it go over easy.
• Tapa! (Description available from an earlier tapa-centric bento.)
• Roasted tomatoes.
• Pretzels.
• Yakult, a yoghurt drink with live shirota strain lactobacilli! Man, I thrived on Yakult when I was growing up.

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