Instant Sunshine :D

The storm that was last week at work is finally over and I can breathe again. While it was a busy, busy week, it ended with a bang as we had our Halloween party last Friday evening. With work out of the way, or at least back to manageable proportions, I can bento again. Good thing I opted for a sunshine filled set-up since it’s a cold, dreary day today, with what the weather people are calling the strongest typhoon to hit the country this year. Crossing my fingers it’s not as bad as the previous one.

Sunshiney Bento

Bento #80 • 30 october 2006

Top Tier:
• Mango Pudding from Renaissance Hotel’s Chinese restaurant. Sooo good. Hands down, the best mango pudding I’ve ever tried and one I hope to duplicate soon. Suddenly, my current experiment doesn’t compare to it, now that I’ve tasted it again. The mango pudding is usually served in a fluted dessert cup but I broke it up a bit to fit my bento box better.
• A press ‘n sealed container of Tonkatsu sauce.
• A press ‘n sealed container of blue cheese dressing. (Man, I have to buy cling wrap again, press ‘n seal is so unpretty for bento purposes.)
• Celery sticks

Bottom Tier:
• Torikatsu (Japanese-style breaded chicken fillet) on a bed of rice.
• Mini-tamagoyaki. Mini because it turned out I didn’t use enough eggs. It looks funny since it’s my first try; I never realized it was so difficult. Still, I was satisfied that at least, it stuck together. Good enough for me.

• A container of milk for the mango pudding.
• Packets of instant miso soup–the miso paste kind–since it’s a rainy day.
• A packet of Nips, that’s a local chocolate candy that’s fashioned after M & Ms and Smarties.

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