Gyudon Bento = Beef Lovin’

So there I was, all set to snap my bento’s pics. To my shock, NOTHING was coming out of the viewfinder. I tinkered with my settings, until one thing became clear. My camera is broken. -_-;; I snapped a pic with my cellphone cam, but the colors were too washed out. Luckily, I was able to borrow a camera at work (thanks Cla) so I was able to reshoot my bento.

I might go on a bento blogging hiatus after this, unless I can borrow a camera while I either get my IXUS repaired, or buy a new one if repairing isn’t feasible.

Gyudon Bento

Bento #84 • 10 November 2006

Clockwise from upper left:
• Gyudon. Technically not a don since it’s not prepared as donburi. But I have no idea what to call it instead. Leftovers from last night’s dinner. Beef is love!
• Okoshi (rice crispies & peanut cubes) and Hello Panda cookies.
• Umeboshi rice with personality.
• Stir-fried asparagus & carrots.

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