Bento Babies

Last Thursday, I had to take my bento pic at work since I still didn’t have my camera back. I was getting worried about catching the light since it was nearing noon already, and I hadn’t taken a pic yet, but I had no choice since it was a busy morning. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise since just a little before lunchtime, a fellow bento enthusiast, 24fps strode into the office from her morning shoot. She and another work colleague then proceeded to help me find props and a backdrop for my bento. The clincher here is that these two are both art directors. ^_^;; Hehe. Can you tell we had fun? I swear if we had more time, they’d have dug up more interesting props.

Gyu Asupara Maki Bento

Bento #87 • 7 December 2006

Clockwise, from upper right:
– Gyu Asupara Maki (Recipe here:
– Quail Tea Eggs
– Rice with a happy sakura denbu heart design.
– Baby mangoes
– Orange mini-jelly cup

Only now when I’m reviewing it do I realize, it’s a mini-bento! Not mini-sized, but it has a lot of mini things. First, the tea eggs. I was trying to think of something to pair up with the gyu asupara maki, but was running out of ideas. I visited bentolunch. Then it hit me. TEA EGGS! As I was looking for eggs to boil though, my eyes settled on a box of quail eggs. Then I knew. I had to make quail tea eggs. I absolutely love how they turned out, so expect to see them more often.

Tea Eggs

The baby mangoes on the other hand, I bought earlier this week at the super. As I was looking for fruits for my bento, I chanced upon the baby mangoes. Really tiny, the largest one I got measured 3 inches long. As I was a kid, I remember just washing them then peeling with my fingers as I ate. This time though, I decided to serve them just like how you would regular sized mangoes. 😀

All in, I had so much fun eating this bento. Nothing really beats good food, not even pretty pictures.

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