Leftover Chicken Bento

For some reason, the camera I borrowed produces photos with washed out colors. I’d color correct on photoshop but I don’t know how so I guess I’ll have to stick with this. Despite the relatively pale coloring though, the food was good, so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining. Oh yeah, this bento was yesterday’s. Today’s lunch was just a store-bought Curry Omurice. Good, satisfying, but not as happy as a homemade bento.

Max’s Fried Chicken Bento

Bento #88 • 11 December 2007

Bento contents:
• Fried Chicken from Max’s. Max’s is a very popular Fried Chicken chain in the Philippines, that’s known for really crispy fried chicken that’s cooked WITHOUT breading. It’s usually juicy, flavorful, and crispy, hence it’s a perennial favorite of families everywhere. The chicken is usually parboiled in some secret whatever, before being fried whole.
• Carrot sticks
• Caramel Bar (part of the chicken meal from Max’s)
• Yang chow fried rice. Another good example of why you should always have frozen veggie mix in the freezer.
• A squeeze bottle of Jufran banana ketchup. Perfect for Max’s fried chicken.

Still super busy at work, so not much time to bento. Free lunch tomorrow, so no need to make one. Can’t wait for things to start slowing down again, hopefully next week. *crossing fingers*

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