What’s your beef?

It was my mom’s turn to cook yesterday, so she prepared Nilagang Baka (literally, boiled beef), a Filipino-style beef stew. To prepare, she boiled the beef in water with onions and whole peppercorns for hours on end to soften it. She used what we commonly call bulalo which is beef stuck against the bone, with the bone marrow still intact. She added potatoes and petchay (bok choy), though some people choose to add cabbages instead. Served steaming hot, with patis (fish sauce) on the side, nilagang baka is excellent eaten with lots of rice on cold days like these.

Nilagang Baka Bento

Bento #89 • 18 December 2006

Top Tier:
• Steamed rice with a kissy-kissy face. Celery eyes, half-an-umeboshi lips, and a sakura denbu blush.
• Nilagang Baka, drained of soup. Usually, nilagang baka is just like any stew: chunks of meat and veggies swimming in a vat of clear soup. For bento purposes though, I drained the soup and carried it along in the thermal bottle (that baby blue mini-thermal jug) in the corner.

Bottom Tier:
• Celery sticks
• Container of blue cheese dressing
• Okoshi rice crispies cube
• Meiji Apollo Chocolate – Strawberry

• Container of sweetened garbanzos (chick peas)
• Container of patis (fish sauce) with a few drops of lemon juice and a piece of siling labuyo, a really spicy tiny chili.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Heads up, Manila bento people! Daiso / Japan Home Center has a couple of Polka Dot sauce boxes. They come in nesting sets of three; the largest one is large enough for small snacks / dessert while the smallest one is perfect for small amounts of sauce / dip. Available in Pink and Blue, 88 pesos per set. Of course I got both colors, the pink for my 3-tier Pink Polka Dot, the blue for my 2-tier Blue Polka Dot. Have to get them both, it’s Polka Dot. You can’t help but Love them little, Love them long!

Polka Dot Boxes

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