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Christmas hustle and bustle is well underway, hence the delay in posting bento. No matter, a late bento post is still a happy bento post. (Is it just me or was that last line totally engrish? :P)

Hello Kitty Bento

Bento #90 • 20 December 2007

Tuesday’s lunch:
• Mini-hotdogs on animal skewers
• Chicken and fresh tomato HELLO KITTY Pasta. Heehee. I used yellow tomatoes that’s why it’s not red orangey like my other tomato pasta batches.
• Oishi Okoshi rice crispy cubes
• BLT wraps. The bacon I used wasn’t the usual thin honeycured bacon we usually cook for breakfast, but big, unevenly sliced “strips” that are reminiscent of pancetta.

Tomorrow’s the last working day of the year, so it’ll probably be my last bento for 2006. If I feel up to it. Was wanting to make one today but we’re eating out for lunch today so no bento. Anyway, in case I am unable to make a bento post tomorrow, I just want to extend my holiday greetings to everyone.

And Happy Holiday Feasting!

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