Happy New Year! :D

There’s nothing quite like a long hiatus from bentoland to get me excited. And excited I was, despite this year’s first bento being, mostly, a New Year’s Day spread leftovers bento.

Chicken Popcorn & Mashed Potato Bento

Bento #91 • 2 January 2007

Green Bento Box:
• Hot & Spicy Chicken Popcorn
• Green Mini-Jelly cup
• Seedless grapes
• Corn and Carrots
• Mashed Potatoes with carrot flowers

Pink Polka-dot Box:
• Homemade mushroom gravy

• Ruffles Ridges, Cheddar and Sour Cream
• Morinaga Fukami Matcha, a chocolate-coated green tea flavored “meringue-kinda” stick. It’s yummy, the center tastes so much like green tea and the chocolate coating has just the right amount of sweetness that complements the green tea instead of overpowering it.
• Yes, those are party poppers / crackers. No, I didn’t actually include them in the bento. But I couldn’t resist adding them to the set-up; it was such a festive touch. ^_^;;

And because I wanted to take a closer look at my food:

Chicken Popcorn & Mashed Potato BentoNow wasn’t that a great way to start the year?

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