I <3 Onigiri~

Here’s something I’ve been missing for quite some time. My usual Japanese grocery ran out of the Japanese rice I usually buy so no onigiri for the last few months. Fortunately, I found a good looking bag of Koshihikari at one of our local groceries last weekend so I can finally make onigiri again. Yay! To end the long drought, here’s one of my favorites, Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese onigiri!

Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon Onigiri

Bento #92 • 3 January 2007

Top Tier:
• Smoked salmon and cream cheese onigiri. *wipes drool from chin*

Bottom Tier:
• Salad with Green Ice lettuce, tomatoes, and flaked bottled tuyo. Tuyo is dried herring that’s fried then served with fried rice. It’s a popular breakfast dish and is fantastic with tomatoes. The one I used for the salad however, is a version that’s filleted, then bottled with vinegar, olive oil, and lots of garlic.
• Meiji marble candies. Kinda like M & Ms.
• Seedless grapes.

• A squeeze bottle of fresh lemon vinaigrette for the salad.
• A mini-box of Meiji choco babies. Small pellet like chocolates with little star prints on the top and bottom.
• Another smoked salmon & cream cheese onigiri for the drive to work. Breakfast on the go 😀 It’s the paper towel wrapped thing in the green fiber bag)
• A bottle of Yakult (lactobacilli shirota strain!). Which I ened up drinking on the ride to work when the onigiri made me thirsty.

Part of my Christmas loot is a new bento bag from my boyfriend. Yay for San-X / Monokuro Boo! I used it for the first time today, and am giving it lots of love. Beside it, in the Miffy box is a couple of mini salmon & cream cheese onigiri balls for sharing at work. My workmates were adamant on me sharing after I mentioned having a craving for said onigiri during lunch yesterday.

Monokuro Boo Bento BagYep, definitely can’t wait for lunch, especially since the breakfast onigiri made me crave even more. Hehe. Little Monokuro Boo Piglet, I am!

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2 Responses to I <3 Onigiri~

  1. curious says:

    i was wondering if i can use the ordinary long grain rice(filipino style rice) for onigiri? will it work? can i also not add the vinegar thingy in the rice? hope you can reply to make curious queries c: thanks!

  2. kaoko says:

    Hi curious! Ordinary long grain rice might not work because it’s not sticky enough. Even if you add water, it’s just going to turn out mushy. You may want to try Dona Maria brand Jasponica though. It’s long grain but a bit stickier, but it’s still pretty expensive. Much cheaper than Japanese Koshihikari though.

    And traditionally, onigiri’s made with plain and not sushi rice. 😀 Using sushi rice for onigiri’s the one that’s non-traditional, so I guess it’s up to your personal preferences. 😀

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