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A tad uninspired to bento lately, partially due to the internet crisis Asia has been experiencing. Still, the need to eat and save money prevails so I managed to make a delicious, albeit bland looking lunch today. What was an unplanned bento proved to be serendipitous. The spur of the moment sandwich I made was delicious, so it will probably be prepared again in the future.

Sandwich Bento

Bento #93 • 9 January 2007

Contents, clockwise from top:
• Taco salad fixings – Tomatoes, beef, and beef nestled on top of shredded iceberg lettuce.
• Cajun Chicken Sandwich – A chicken breast dusted liberally with cajun seasoning, then pan-grilled. This was cut into chunks then sandwiched between 2 pieces of toasted white bread that was spread with a thin layer of mayo, along with sliced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and grated cheese. Was surprisingly good!
• Broken up taco shell with baby ponkan, a sweet Asian orange with loose skin.

• Hello Kitty mini sauce container with Sour Cream.

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