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Ever since my Aunt and Uncle came home from overseas, life has been a giant whirl of food, food, and more food! True to my family’s Kapampangan origins, we spend a lot of time feasting on delicious food. And because they’ve been away for quite some time, it’s understandable when they crave for everyday Filipino food.

My Aunt’s requests before she came home? Tapa (fried cured beef fillets), Chicharon na baga (Crispy fried pig lungs—YES. I said lungs), Purefoods brand hotdogs (the pinoy red hotdogs!), and Balut (boiled unhatched duck eggs).

Of course, my own mom had requests of her own. In particular, my Aunt’s version of my grandmother’s Lumpiang Sariwa (Fresh spring rolls). Lumpia is a spring roll. This one had an assortment of vegetables and meat in it: pork, shrimp, potatoes, cabbages, green beans and chick peas. It’s usually rolled in those thin crepe like wrappers, along with a lettuce leaf and a bit of cilantro.

Today’s bento is mostly leftovers from last night’s dinner. Not that you’ll hear me complaining, it’s still good food.

Lumpiang Sariwa Bento

Bento #97 • 25 January 2007

Clockwise from top left:
• A bag of toasted pita wedges. We ran out of lumpia wrapper so I figured I’d eat the lumpia filling with pita.
• Half a chicken pie from Conti’s (my favorite!), barbecued beef chunks (I removed them from their ubiquitous bamboo skewers, and a couple of sprigs of cilantro for the lumpia.
• A whole tuna pie (also from Conti’s), fruit cocktail (same as yesterday’s), and a couple more cilantro sprigs.
• Lumpiang Sariwa filling, on a lettuce leaf. Garnished with a couple leaves of cilantro. The mini-polka dot box contains lumpia sauce, a sweet sauce with soy and lots of garlic.

What food we’ll pig out on tonight? I have no idea yet. But I’m sure it will render me stuffed to the brim again.

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