Oinky Oinky!

It’s another cold morning in Manila. The thermometer’s saying it’s 22 degrees, a brisk, cold morning for a tropical country. While I’d like to opt for something warm, a nice thermos of clam chowder for instance, the fact that I defrosted a strip of pork belly limited me to either something fried or grilled. I decided to go for fried then proceeded with liberally dusting the pork with sea salt and lots of black pepper. It’s not as warming as a cup of soup, but after stealing a bite this morning, you won’t see me complain later come lunchtime 😀

Oinky Oinky Bento

Bento #098 • 30 January 2007

• Peppered Fried Pork Belly
• Piggie rice with carrot and nori features
• Cilantro for garnish and for munching
• Carrot flowers
• Spinach-Artichoke dip from Conti’s, a local bakeshop / resto I absolutely love
• Tomatoes
• Strawberry container of vinegar and soy sauce

I love looking at the veggie side. It looks so bright and sprightly, a nice sight on a cloudy morning.

Oinky Oinky Bento

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