Happy Bento

No central ingredient for this bento, I’d lose if I were on Iron Chef. Still, when it comes to food goodness, this comes out tops since it has a lot of food that I love. Everything in this box brings me sheer food joy. Maybe I should’ve called it Happy Bento? 😛

This was yesterday’s by the way. Just too busy to post earlier. :(

Happy Bento

Bento #99 • 31 January 2007

Contents, clockwise from top left:
• Takoyaki
• Heart-shaped cream cheese and kani sandwich
• Karee Kuroke
• Smoked Tanigue
• Celery sticks
• Cilantro & lettuce leaves tucked here and there

• A box of Blue Cheese dressing for the celery
• Kewpie Mayo for the takoyaki and kuroke
• Instant miso soup paste

The takoyaki and kuroke are all courtesy of another trip to Hatchin, a local Japanese grocery. The said shopping expedition was particularly lucrative because I chanced upon 2 sets of veggie cutters, both at 68 PHP (at 50PHP to 1 USD) for a grand total of 136 PHP for 8 cutters; 4 small, 4 big. So, heads up Manila-based bento bloggers. (Tanuki no Bento has a sketch to Hatchin on her LJ.)

Smoked Tanigue is a deli item sold alongside smoked salmon. Tanigue is the local name of mackerel. It’s usually served with dill sauce.

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