Buck Buck Buck Auck!

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? I don’t know the answer either but I do know I had fun playing Chicken, Chick ‘n Egg with my lunch today.

Courting Chickie Bento

Bento #100 • 6 February 2007

Top Tier:
• Chicken Inasal. A local version of barbecued chicken which is on the sour side. This one wasn’t barbecued though, since my stove-top grill attachment was kinda wonky this morning. It was smoking too much, so I opted to cook the chicken in the Turbo Broiler instead. Still under grill setting though. Recipe and more info here.
• Steamed green beans
• Dried Mangoes
• A strawberry of soy-vinegar dip

Bottom Tier:
• Steamed rice with a pair of kissy-kissy little chick-eggs. Their eyes are nori, their wings dried mango. The beaks are carrot, so is the heart. Finally, a cilantro and red candy bouquet.

Heehee. Young love…

Courting Chickie Bento

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7 Responses to Buck Buck Buck Auck!

  1. laetitia says:

    just to say that your bento are really nice …this one ‘s very cute and my daughters will love ! thanks for taking time to share !


  2. please make me a bento!!! XD

    I never had a bento since… ummm… T_T

      • Ichiro Ino says:

        This really boosted my idea of having kids in the future…

        I was thinking about making baon for my future kids just like in anime… Ulams neatly aranged with rice, XP

        After seeing this blog, It just occurred to me that give it more effort into it, so that my kids would have a wonderful time dinning…

        I hope bento beomes “Uso” here…

  3. Ludie says:

    Deference to op, some great information.

  4. I like this post, enjoyed this one thank you for posting.

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