Eeeek! Mice in the Kitchen!

Oh noes! There are mice loose in our kitchen. And they’ve crept inside today’s bento. Woe is me. Boohoo.

Mousey Mice Bento

Bento #103 • Mousey Mice Bento

Heehee. False alarm. ‘Course they’re not real mice, but I couldn’t resist, not with their big beady eyes peeking from underneath the porkloin. The mice are actually another version of SM’s FANCY FISHBALLS! (A kind of local surimi that they sell for hotpot.) Apparently, they stopped making the flower shaped ones (shown here) and have moved on to mice. Either way, I love them both. Instacuteboost for bento!

Clockwise from top left:
• Orange slices
• Smoked Porkloin Slices
• Mice-shaped Fancy Fishballs!
• Corn and carrots, sprinkled with parsley
• Green peas
• Steamed rice in the right compartment, under the porkloin and veggies
• Pineapple tidbits

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